" The mission of the Georgia Fire Inspector's Association is to coordinate and standardize fire protection and code enforcement programs throughout the state of Georgia through the consistent training and educational interaction between members of city, county, state, federal, and private agencies."

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To represent the interests of the men and women who are charged with the responsibility of protecting lives and property within the State of Georgia through fire prevention, the enforcement of fire and related coded, and community risk reduction activities. 

To provide a network by which the Association's members can share information that betters the cause and supports the tenants of the Association's Mission Statement.
To insure that the organization does not conduct activities that would place it in violation of its tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Federal income tax code. 

To work closely to support the efforts of the Office of Georgia State Fire Marshal, the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance and Fire Safety, the Georgia Association of Fire Chiefs, the Georgia State Firefighters Association, and other associations of similar interest so long as those activities are not in conflict with the Mission Statement of the this association. 

To encourage highly professional standards of conduct among the members of the Association and to continually strive to elevate the profession of the fire code enforcement in the public sector and fire prevention with the private sector. 

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